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posledná zmena: 2. April 2012

These pages are dedicated to my tests of tesseract-ocr 3.00 and related software. Tests were done on Mandrivalinux 64bit (until March of 2012) and openSUSE 12.1 64bit (after March 2012).

I expect that reader is familiar with ReadMe, FAQ and Training process.



gui for tesseract:


tesseract-ocr-en: variables   

posledná zmena: 20. August 2010

Here is list of variables that can be found in tesseract source code (in svn revision 402). Table is sortable – just click on header of column.

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rss for tesseract-ocr-en   

posledná zmena: 21. August 2010

rss to follow tesseract-ocr-en on

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New version of leptonica library (1.66)   

posledná zmena: 23. August 2010

New version of leptonica (1.66) as SRPM package..

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Windows build of recent tesseract code (revision 454)   

posledná zmena: 24. August 2010

Unofficial windows build of tesseract-ocr revision 454 (3.00 – not
released yet)

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Linux OCR Software Comparison   

posledná zmena: 25. August 2010

Andreas Gohr on published interesting comparison of OCR engines on linux

Slovak wordlist   

posledná zmena: 30. September 2010

I decided to publish my collection of Slovak words. For distribution/modification or other purpose you choose one of these licences:

If you need other license, just contact me on zdenop (at)

Scan Tailor - post-processing tool for scanned pages   

posledná zmena: 12. November 2010

Scan Tailor is an interactive post-processing tool for scanned pages. It performs operations such as page splitting, deskewing, adding/removing borders, and others. You give it raw scans, and you get pages ready to be printed or assembled into a PDF or DJVU file. Scanning, optical character recognition, and assembling multi-page documents are out of scope of this project.

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CowBoxer - box editor for tesseract-ocr 3.00   

posledná zmena: 20. January 2011

new version of CowBoxer available in svn

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QT Box Editor 1.02 is out   

posledná zmena: 11. February 2011

QT Box Editor – another multiplaform box editor is here.

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