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QT Box Editor 1.02 is out   

posledná zmena: 11. February 2011

In beginning of August 2010 I decided to maintain and to improve python py/ script. Script was quit old, but with small improvements I was able to run it on Windows and Linux. I like very much its layout – how it display image and boxes.

While working with A5 scan with small number of boxes it works good. Bigger picture with a lot of boxes cases that application is not usable or did not start.

For this reason I was looking for something more efficient to system resources. I found tesseract-gui. But it was not developed actively for several month. After short discussion with author I choose to improve it under new name – QT Box Editor because of name conflict with other project. The target of project is simple: to provide efficient way for editing tesseract-ocr box file which is IMHO most important part of training new language.

It has different interface than or cowboxer – similar to bbTesseract (last updated in July 2008). This is a good new for those who like to have more options ;-).

Version 1.02 is focused on zooming and icons. I use it on Linux and Windows without problem. I hope you find it useful.

Developers and contributors are welcomed.

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