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Here is list of variables that can be found in tesseract source code (in svn revision 402). Table is sortable – just click on header of column.

defined in type name default value comment
api/tesseractmain.cpp:65 BOOL_VAR tessedit_create_boxfile FALSE Output text with boxes
api/tesseractmain.cpp:66 BOOL_VAR tessedit_create_hocr FALSE OutputHTML with hOCR markup
api/tesseractmain.cpp:67 BOOL_VAR tessedit_read_image TRUE Ensure the image is read
api/tesseractmain.cpp:68 INT_VAR tessedit_serial_unlv 0 0->Whole page, 1->serial no adapt, 2->serial with adapt
api/tesseractmain.cpp:70 INT_VAR tessedit_page_number -1 -1 -> All pages, else specific page to process
api/tesseractmain.cpp:72 BOOL_VAR tessedit_write_images FALSE Capture the image from theIPE
api/tesseractmain.cpp:73 BOOL_VAR tessedit_debug_to_screen FALSE Dont use debug file
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:54 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_reject_ems FALSE Reject all m’s
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:55 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_reject_suspect_ems FALSE Reject suspect m’s
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:57 EXTERN double_VAR tessedit_cluster_t1 0.20 t1 threshold for clustering samples
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:59 EXTERN double_VAR tessedit_cluster_t2 0.40 t2 threshold for clustering samples
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:61 EXTERN double_VAR tessedit_cluster_t3 0.12 Extra threshold for clustering samples
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:63 EXTERN double_VAR tessedit_cluster_accept_fraction 0.80 Largest fraction of characters in cluster for it to be used for adaption
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:65 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_cluster_min_size 3 Smallest number of samples in a cluster for it to be used for adaption
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:67 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_cluster_debug FALSE Generate and print debug information for adaption by clustering
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:69 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_use_best_sample FALSE Use best sample from cluster when adapting
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:71 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_test_cluster_input FALSE Set reject map to enable cluster input to be measured
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:74 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_matrix_match TRUE Use matrix matcher
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:75 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_mm_use_non_adaption_set FALSE Don’t try to adapt to characters on this list
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:77 EXTERN STRING_VAR tessedit_non_adaption_set “,.;:’~@*” Characters to be avoided when adapting
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:79 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_mm_adapt_using_prototypes TRUE Use prototypes when adapting
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:81 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_mm_use_prototypes TRUE Use prototypes as clusters are built
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:83 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_mm_use_rejmap FALSE Adapt to characters using reject map
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:85 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_mm_all_rejects FALSE Adapt to all characters using
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:87 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_mm_only_match_same_char FALSE Only match samples against clusters for the same character
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:89 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_process_rns FALSE Handle m – rn ambigs
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:91 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_demo_adaption FALSE Display cut images and matrix match for demo purposes
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:93 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_demo_word1 62 Word number of first word to display
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:95 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_demo_word2 64 Word number of second word to display
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:97 EXTERN STRING_VAR tessedit_demo_file “academe” Name of document containing demo words
ccmain/adaptions.cpp:99 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_adapt_to_char_fragments TRUE Adapt to words that contain “
ccmain/applybox.cpp:62 EXTERN BOOL_VAR applybox_rebalance TRUE Drop dead
ccmain/applybox.cpp:63 EXTERN INT_VAR applybox_debug 5 Debug level
ccmain/applybox.cpp:64 EXTERN INT_VAR applybox_page 0 Page number to apply boxes from
ccmain/applybox.cpp:65 EXTERN STRING_VAR applybox_test_exclusions “” Chars ignored for testing
ccmain/applybox.cpp:67 EXTERN double_VAR applybox_error_band 0.15 Err band as fract of xht
ccmain/applybox.cpp:69 EXTERN STRING_VAR exposure_pattern “.exp” Exposure value follows this pattern in the image filename. The name of the image files are expected to be in the form [lang].[fontname].exp[num].tif
ccmain/applybox.cpp:74 EXTERN BOOL_VAR learn_chars_and_char_frags_mode FALSE Learn both character fragments
ccmain/control.cpp:66 //EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_small_match FALSE Use small matrix matcher
ccmain/control.cpp:71 BOOL_VAR tessedit_small_match FALSE Use small matrix matcher
ccmain/control.cpp:72 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_print_text FALSE Write text to stdout
ccmain/control.cpp:73 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_draw_words FALSE Draw source words
ccmain/control.cpp:74 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_draw_outwords FALSE Draw output words
ccmain/control.cpp:75 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_training_wiseowl FALSE Call WO to learn blobs
ccmain/control.cpp:76 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_training_tess FALSE Call Tess to learn blobs
ccmain/control.cpp:77 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_matcher_is_wiseowl FALSE Call WO to classify
ccmain/control.cpp:78 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_dump_choices FALSE Dump char choices
ccmain/control.cpp:79 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_fix_fuzzy_spaces TRUE Try to improve fuzzy spaces
ccmain/control.cpp:81 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_unrej_any_wd FALSE Dont bother with word plausibility
ccmain/control.cpp:83 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_fix_hyphens TRUE Crunch double hyphens?
ccmain/control.cpp:85 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_reject_fullstops FALSE Reject all fullstops
ccmain/control.cpp:86 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_reject_suspect_fullstops FALSE Reject suspect fullstops
ccmain/control.cpp:88 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_redo_xheight TRUE Check/Correct x-height
ccmain/control.cpp:89 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_cluster_adaption_on TRUE Do our own adaption – ems only
ccmain/control.cpp:91 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_enable_doc_dict TRUE Add words to the document dictionary
ccmain/control.cpp:93 EXTERN BOOL_VAR word_occ_first FALSE Do word occ before re-est xht
ccmain/control.cpp:94 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_debug_fonts FALSE Output font info per char
ccmain/control.cpp:95 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_xht_fiddles_on_done_wds TRUE Apply xht fix up even if done
ccmain/control.cpp:97 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_xht_fiddles_on_no_rej_wds TRUE Apply xht fix up even in no rejects
ccmain/control.cpp:99 EXTERN INT_VAR x_ht_check_word_occ 2 Check Char Block occupancy
ccmain/control.cpp:100 EXTERN INT_VAR x_ht_stringency 1 How many confirmed a/n to accept?
ccmain/control.cpp:101 EXTERN BOOL_VAR x_ht_quality_check TRUE Dont allow worse quality
ccmain/control.cpp:102 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_debug_block_rejection FALSE Block and Row stats
ccmain/control.cpp:104 EXTERN INT_VAR debug_x_ht_level 0 Reestimate debug
ccmain/control.cpp:105 EXTERN BOOL_VAR rej_use_xht TRUE Individual rejection control
ccmain/control.cpp:106 EXTERN BOOL_VAR debug_acceptable_wds FALSE Dump word pass/fail chk
ccmain/control.cpp:108 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_leading_punct “(’`\”“ Leading punctuation1st Trailing punctuation
ccmain/control.cpp:109 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_trailing_punct1 “).,;:?!” 1st Trailing punctuation
ccmain/control.cpp:111 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_trailing_punct2 “)’`\”“ 2nd Trailing punctuation
ccmain/control.cpp:114 EXTERN double_VAR quality_rej_pc 0.08 good_quality_doc lte rejection limit
ccmain/control.cpp:116 EXTERN double_VAR quality_blob_pc 0.0 good_quality_doc gte good blobs limit
ccmain/control.cpp:118 EXTERN double_VAR quality_outline_pc 1.0 good_quality_doc lte outline error limit
ccmain/control.cpp:120 EXTERN double_VAR quality_char_pc 0.95 good_quality_doc gte good char limit
ccmain/control.cpp:122 EXTERN INT_VAR quality_min_initial_alphas_reqd 2 alphas in a good word
ccmain/control.cpp:125 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_tess_adapt_to_rejmap FALSE Use reject map to control Tesseract adaption
ccmain/control.cpp:127 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_tess_adaption_mode 0×27 Adaptation decision algorithm for tess
ccmain/control.cpp:129 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_em_adaption_mode 0 Adaptation decision algorithm for ems matrix matcher
ccmain/control.cpp:131 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_cluster_adapt_after_pass1 FALSE Adapt using clusterer after pass 1
ccmain/control.cpp:133 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_cluster_adapt_after_pass2 FALSE Adapt using clusterer after pass 1
ccmain/control.cpp:135 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_cluster_adapt_after_pass3 FALSE Adapt using clusterer after pass 1
ccmain/control.cpp:137 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_cluster_adapt_before_pass1 FALSE Adapt using clusterer before Tess adaping during pass 1
ccmain/control.cpp:139 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_cluster_adaption_mode 0 Adaptation decision algorithm for matrix matcher
ccmain/control.cpp:141 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_adaption_debug FALSE Generate and print debug information for adaption
ccmain/control.cpp:143 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_minimal_rej_pass1 FALSE Do minimal rejection on pass 1 output
ccmain/control.cpp:145 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_test_adaption FALSE Test adaption criteria
ccmain/control.cpp:147 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_global_adaption FALSE Adapt to all docs over time
ccmain/control.cpp:149 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_matcher_log FALSE Log matcher activity
ccmain/control.cpp:150 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_test_adaption_mode 3 Adaptation decision algorithm for tess
ccmain/control.cpp:152 EXTERN BOOL_VAR save_best_choices FALSE Save the results of the recognition step”
ccmain/control.cpp:156 EXTERN BOOL_VAR test_pt FALSE Test for point
ccmain/control.cpp:157 EXTERN double_VAR test_pt_x 99999.99 xcoord
ccmain/control.cpp:158 EXTERN double_VAR test_pt_y 99999.99 ycoord
ccmain/docqual.cpp:38 EXTERN STRING_VAR outlines_odd “%| “ Non standard number of outlines
ccmain/docqual.cpp:39 EXTERN STRING_VAR outlines_2 “ij!?%\”:;” Non standard number of outlines
ccmain/docqual.cpp:41 EXTERN BOOL_VAR docqual_excuse_outline_errs FALSE Allow outline errs in unrejection?
ccmain/docqual.cpp:43 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_good_quality_unrej TRUE Reduce rejection on good docs
ccmain/docqual.cpp:45 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_use_reject_spaces TRUE Reject spaces?
ccmain/docqual.cpp:46 EXTERN double_VAR tessedit_reject_doc_percent 65.00 %rej allowed before rej whole doc
ccmain/docqual.cpp:48 EXTERN double_VAR tessedit_reject_block_percent 45.00 %rej allowed before rej whole block
ccmain/docqual.cpp:50 EXTERN double_VAR tessedit_reject_row_percent 40.00 %rej allowed before rej whole row
ccmain/docqual.cpp:52 EXTERN double_VAR tessedit_whole_wd_rej_row_percent 70.00 %of row rejects in whole word rejects which prevents whole row rejection
ccmain/docqual.cpp:54 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_preserve_blk_rej_perfect_wds TRUE Only rej partially rejected words in block rejection
ccmain/docqual.cpp:56 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_preserve_row_rej_perfect_wds TRUE Only rej partially rejected words in row rejection
ccmain/docqual.cpp:58 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_dont_blkrej_good_wds FALSE Use word segmentation quality metric
ccmain/docqual.cpp:60 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_dont_rowrej_good_wds FALSE Use word segmentation quality metric
ccmain/docqual.cpp:62 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_preserve_min_wd_len 2 Only preserve wds longer than this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:64 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_row_rej_good_docs TRUE Apply row rejection to good docs
ccmain/docqual.cpp:66 EXTERN double_VAR tessedit_good_doc_still_rowrej_wd 1.1 rej good doc wd if more than this fraction rejected
ccmain/docqual.cpp:68 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_reject_bad_qual_wds TRUE Reject all bad quality wds
ccmain/docqual.cpp:70 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_debug_doc_rejection FALSE Page stats
ccmain/docqual.cpp:71 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_debug_quality_metrics FALSE Output data to debug file
ccmain/docqual.cpp:73 EXTERN BOOL_VAR bland_unrej FALSE unrej potential with no chekcs
ccmain/docqual.cpp:74 EXTERN double_VAR quality_rowrej_pc 1.1 good_quality_doc gte good char limit
ccmain/docqual.cpp:77 EXTERN BOOL_VAR unlv_tilde_crunching TRUE Mark v.bad words for tilde crunch
ccmain/docqual.cpp:79 EXTERN BOOL_VAR crunch_early_merge_tess_fails TRUE Before word crunch?
ccmain/docqual.cpp:80 EXTERN BOOL_EVAR crunch_early_convert_bad_unlv_chs FALSE Take out ~^ early?
ccmain/docqual.cpp:83 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_terrible_rating 80.0 crunch rating lt this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:84 EXTERN BOOL_VAR crunch_terrible_garbage TRUE As it says
ccmain/docqual.cpp:85 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_poor_garbage_cert -9.0 crunch garbage cert lt this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:87 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_poor_garbage_rate 60 crunch garbage rating lt this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:90 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_pot_poor_rate 40 POTENTIAL crunch rating lt this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:92 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_pot_poor_cert -8.0 POTENTIAL crunch cert lt this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:94 EXTERN BOOL_VAR crunch_pot_garbage TRUE POTENTIAL crunch garbage
ccmain/docqual.cpp:96 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_del_rating 60 POTENTIAL crunch rating lt this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:97 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_del_cert -10.0 POTENTIAL crunch cert lt this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:98 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_del_min_ht 0.7 Del if word ht lt xht x this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:99 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_del_max_ht 3.0 Del if word ht gt xht x this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:100 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_del_min_width 3.0 Del if word width lt xht x this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:102 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_del_high_word 1.5 Del if word gt xht x this above bl
ccmain/docqual.cpp:104 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_del_low_word 0.5 Del if word gt xht x this below bl
ccmain/docqual.cpp:106 EXTERN double_VAR crunch_small_outlines_size 0.6 Small if lt xht x this
ccmain/docqual.cpp:108 EXTERN INT_VAR crunch_rating_max 10 For adj length in rating per ch
ccmain/docqual.cpp:109 EXTERN INT_VAR crunch_pot_indicators 1 How many potential indicators needed
ccmain/docqual.cpp:112 EXTERN BOOL_VAR crunch_leave_ok_strings TRUE Dont touch sensible strings
ccmain/docqual.cpp:114 EXTERN BOOL_VAR crunch_accept_ok TRUE Use acceptability in okstring
ccmain/docqual.cpp:115 EXTERN BOOL_VAR crunch_leave_accept_strings FALSE Dont pot crunch sensible strings
ccmain/docqual.cpp:117 EXTERN BOOL_VAR crunch_include_numerals FALSE Fiddle alpha figures
ccmain/docqual.cpp:118 EXTERN INT_VAR crunch_leave_lc_strings 4 Dont crunch words with long lower case strings
ccmain/docqual.cpp:120 EXTERN INT_VAR crunch_leave_uc_strings 4 Dont crunch words with long lower case strings
ccmain/docqual.cpp:122 EXTERN INT_VAR crunch_long_repetitions 3 Crunch words with long repetitions
ccmain/docqual.cpp:125 EXTERN INT_VAR crunch_debug 0 As it says
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:37 EXTERN BOOL_VAR fixsp_check_for_fp_noise_space TRUE Try turning noise to space in fixed pitch
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:39 EXTERN BOOL_VAR fixsp_fp_eval TRUE Use alternate evaluation for fp
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:40 EXTERN BOOL_VAR fixsp_noise_score_fixing TRUE More sophisticated?
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:41 EXTERN INT_VAR fixsp_non_noise_limit 1 How many non-noise blbs either side?
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:43 EXTERN double_VAR fixsp_small_outlines_size 0.28 Small if lt xht x this
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:45 EXTERN BOOL_VAR fixsp_ignore_punct TRUE In uniform spacing calc
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:46 EXTERN BOOL_VAR fixsp_numeric_fix TRUE Try to deal with numeric punct
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:47 EXTERN BOOL_VAR fixsp_prefer_joined_1s TRUE Arbitrary boost
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:48 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_test_uniform_wd_spacing FALSE Limit context word spacing
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:50 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_prefer_joined_punct FALSE Reward punctation joins
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:52 EXTERN INT_VAR fixsp_done_mode 1 What constitues done for spacing
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:53 EXTERN INT_VAR debug_fix_space_level 0 Contextual fixspace debug
ccmain/fixspace.cpp:54 EXTERN STRING_VAR numeric_punctuation “.,” Punct. chs expected WITHIN numbers
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:37 EXTERN double_VAR x_ht_fraction_of_caps_ht 0.7 Fract of cps ht est of xht
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:39 EXTERN double_VAR x_ht_variation 0.35 Err band as fract of caps/xht dist
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:41 EXTERN double_VAR x_ht_sub_variation 0.5 Err band as fract of caps/xht dist
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:43 EXTERN BOOL_VAR rej_trial_ambigs TRUE reject x-ht ambigs when under trial
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:45 EXTERN BOOL_VAR x_ht_conservative_ambigs FALSE Dont rely on ambigs + maxht
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:47 EXTERN BOOL_VAR x_ht_check_est TRUE Cross check estimates
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:48 EXTERN BOOL_VAR x_ht_case_flip FALSE Flip or reject suspect case
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:49 EXTERN BOOL_VAR x_ht_include_dodgy_blobs TRUE Include blobs with possible noise?
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:51 EXTERN BOOL_VAR x_ht_limit_flip_trials TRUE Dont do trial flips when ambigs are close to xht?
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:53 EXTERN BOOL_VAR rej_use_check_block_occ TRUE Analyse rejection behaviour
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:56 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_non_ambig_caps_ht “!#$%&()/12346789?ABDEFGHIKLNQRT[]\\bdfhkl” Reliable ascenders
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:59 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_x_ht “acegmnopqrsuvwxyz” X height chars
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:60 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_non_ambig_x_ht “aenqr” reliable X height chars
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:61 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_ambig_caps_x “cCmMoO05sSuUvVwWxXzZ” X ht or caps ht chars
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:63 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_bl_ambig_caps_x “pPyY” Caps or descender ambigs
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:66 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_caps_ht “!#$%&()/0123456789?ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ[]\\bdfhkl{|}” Ascender chars
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:69 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_desc “gjpqy” Descender chars
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:70 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_non_ambig_bl “!#$%&01246789?ABCDEFGHIKLMNORSTUVWXYZabcdehiklmnorstuvwxz” Reliable baseline chars
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:73 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_odd_top ijt” Chars with funny ascender region
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:74 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_odd_bot “()35JQ[]\\/{}|” Chars with funny base
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:77 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_bl “!#$%&()/01246789?ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPRSTUVWXYZ[]\\abcdefhiklmnorstuvwxz{}” Baseline chars
ccmain/fixxht.cpp:80 EXTERN STRING_VAR chs_non_ambig_desc !gq” Reliable descender chars
ccmain/charcut.cpp:38 EXTERN INT_VAR pix_word_margin 3 How far outside word BB to grow
ccmain/matmatch.cpp:48 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_display_mm FALSE Display matrix matches
ccmain/matmatch.cpp:49 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_mm_debug FALSE Print debug information for matrix matcher
ccmain/matmatch.cpp:51 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_mm_prototype_min_size 3 Smallest number of samples in a cluster for a prototype to be used
ccmain/output.cpp:59 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_write_raw_output FALSE Write raw stuff to name.raw
ccmain/output.cpp:72 EXTERN INT_VAR suspect_space_level 100 Min suspect level for rejecting spaces
ccmain/output.cpp:74 EXTERN INT_VAR suspect_short_words 2 Dont Suspect dict wds longer than this
ccmain/output.cpp:76 EXTERN BOOL_VAR suspect_constrain_1Il FALSE UNLV keep 1Il chars rejected
ccmain/output.cpp:78 EXTERN double_VAR suspect_rating_per_ch 999.9 Dont touch bad rating limit
ccmain/output.cpp:80 EXTERN double_VAR suspect_accept_rating -999.9 Accept good rating limit
ccmain/output.cpp:84 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_zero_rejection FALSE Dont reject ANYTHING
ccmain/output.cpp:85 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_word_for_word FALSE Make output have exactly one word per WERD
ccmain/output.cpp:87 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_zero_kelvin_rejection FALSE Dont reject ANYTHING AT ALL
ccmain/output.cpp:89 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_consistent_reps TRUE Force all rep chars the same
ccmain/pagewalk.cpp:30 EXTERN BOOL_VAR current_word_quit FALSE Stop processing this word
ccmain/pagewalk.cpp:31 DLLSYM BOOL_VAR selection_quit FALSE Stop processing this selection
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:135 EXTERN STRING_VAR editor_image_win_name “EditorImage” Editor image window name
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:137 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_image_xpos 590 Editor image X Pos
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:138 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_image_ypos 10 Editor image Y Pos
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:139 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_image_menuheight 50 Add to image height for menu bar
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:140 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_image_word_bb_color ScrollView::BLUE Word bounding box colour
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:142 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_image_blob_bb_color ScrollView::YELLOW Blob bounding box colour
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:144 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_image_text_color ScrollView::WHITE Correct text colour
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:147 EXTERN STRING_VAR editor_dbwin_name “EditorDBWin” Editor debug window name
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:149 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_dbwin_xpos 50 Editor debug window X Pos
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:150 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_dbwin_ypos 500 Editor debug window Y Pos
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:151 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_dbwin_height 24 Editor debug window height
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:152 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_dbwin_width 80 Editor debug window width
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:154 EXTERN STRING_VAR editor_word_name “BlnWords” BL normalised word window
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:155 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_word_xpos 60 Word window X Pos
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:156 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_word_ypos 510 Word window Y Pos
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:157 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_word_height 240 Word window height
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:158 EXTERN INT_VAR editor_word_width 655 Word window width
ccmain/pgedit.cpp:160 EXTERN double_VAR editor_smd_scale_factor 1.0 Scaling for smd image
ccmain/reject.cpp:58 INT_VAR tessedit_reject_mode 0 Rejection algorithm
ccmain/reject.cpp:59 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_ok_mode 5 Acceptance decision algorithm
ccmain/reject.cpp:61 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_use_nn FALSE
ccmain/reject.cpp:63 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_rejection_debug FALSE Adaption debug
ccmain/reject.cpp:65 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_rejection_stats FALSE Show NN stats
ccmain/reject.cpp:67 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_flip_0O TRUE Contextual 0O O0 flips
ccmain/reject.cpp:69 EXTERN double_VAR tessedit_lower_flip_hyphen 1.5 Aspect ratio dot/hyphen test
ccmain/reject.cpp:73 double_VAR tessedit_upper_flip_hyphen 1.8 Aspect ratio dot/hyphen test
ccmain/reject.cpp:77 BOOL_VAR rej_trust_doc_dawg FALSE Use DOC dawg in 11l conf. detector
ccmain/reject.cpp:80 BOOL_VAR rej_1Il_use_dict_word FALSE Use dictword test
ccmain/reject.cpp:81 EXTERN BOOL_VAR rej_1Il_trust_permuter_type TRUE Dont double check
ccmain/reject.cpp:85 BOOL_VAR one_ell_conflict_default TRUE one_ell_conflict default
ccmain/reject.cpp:86 EXTERN BOOL_VAR show_char_clipping FALSE Show clip image window?
ccmain/reject.cpp:88 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_debug FALSE NN DEBUGGING?
ccmain/reject.cpp:90 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_reject_debug FALSE NN DEBUG each char?
ccmain/reject.cpp:92 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_lax FALSE Use 2nd rate matches
ccmain/reject.cpp:94 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_double_check_dict FALSE Double check
ccmain/reject.cpp:96 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_conf_double_check_dict TRUE Double check for confusions
ccmain/reject.cpp:100 BOOL_VAR nn_conf_1Il TRUE NN use 1Il conflicts
ccmain/reject.cpp:101 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_conf_Ss TRUE NN use Ss conflicts
ccmain/reject.cpp:103 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_conf_hyphen TRUE NN hyphen conflicts
ccmain/reject.cpp:105 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_conf_test_good_qual FALSE NN dodgy 1Il cross check
ccmain/reject.cpp:107 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_conf_test_dict TRUE NN dodgy 1Il cross check
ccmain/reject.cpp:109 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_conf_test_sensible TRUE NN dodgy 1Il cross check
ccmain/reject.cpp:111 EXTERN BOOL_VAR nn_conf_strict_on_dodgy_chs TRUE Require stronger NN match
ccmain/reject.cpp:115 double_VAR nn_dodgy_char_threshold 0.99 min accept score
ccmain/reject.cpp:116 EXTERN INT_VAR nn_conf_accept_level 4 NN accept dodgy 1Il matches?
ccmain/reject.cpp:118 EXTERN INT_VAR nn_conf_initial_i_level 3 NN accept initial Ii match level
ccmain/reject.cpp:123 BOOL_VAR no_unrej_dubious_chars TRUE Dubious chars next to reject?
ccmain/reject.cpp:124 EXTERN BOOL_VAR no_unrej_no_alphanum_wds TRUE Stop unrej of non A/N wds?
ccmain/reject.cpp:126 EXTERN BOOL_VAR no_unrej_1Il FALSE Stop unrej of 1Ilchars?
ccmain/reject.cpp:128 EXTERN BOOL_VAR rej_use_tess_accepted TRUE Individual rejection control
ccmain/reject.cpp:130 EXTERN BOOL_VAR rej_use_tess_blanks TRUE Individual rejection control
ccmain/reject.cpp:132 EXTERN BOOL_VAR rej_use_good_perm TRUE Individual rejection control
ccmain/reject.cpp:134 EXTERN BOOL_VAR rej_use_sensible_wd FALSE Extend permuter check
ccmain/reject.cpp:136 EXTERN BOOL_VAR rej_alphas_in_number_perm FALSE Extend permuter check
ccmain/reject.cpp:140 double_VAR rej_whole_of_mostly_reject_word_fract 0.85 if >this fract
ccmain/reject.cpp:143 INT_VAR rej_mostly_reject_mode 1 0-never
ccmain/reject.cpp:146 double_VAR tessed_fullstop_aspect_ratio 1.2 if >this fract then reject
ccmain/reject.cpp:150 INT_VAR net_image_width 40 NN input image width
ccmain/reject.cpp:151 EXTERN INT_VAR net_image_height 36 NN input image height
ccmain/reject.cpp:153 EXTERN INT_VAR net_image_x_height 22 NN input image x_height
ccmain/reject.cpp:155 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_image_border 2 Rej blbs near image edge limit
ccmain/reject.cpp:172 INT_VAR net_bl_nodes 20 Number of baseline nodes
ccmain/reject.cpp:175 double_VAR nn_reject_threshold 0.5 NN min accept score
ccmain/reject.cpp:176 EXTERN double_VAR nn_reject_head_and_shoulders 0.6 top scores sep factor
ccmain/reject.cpp:181 STRING_VAR ok_single_ch_non_alphanum_wds “-?\075” Allow NN to unrej
ccmain/reject.cpp:184 STRING_VAR ok_repeated_ch_non_alphanum_wds “-?*\075” Allow NN to unrej
ccmain/reject.cpp:187 STRING_VAR conflict_set_I_l_1 “Il1[]” Il1 conflict set
ccmain/reject.cpp:188 EXTERN STRING_VAR conflict_set_S_s “Ss$” Ss conflict set
ccmain/reject.cpp:190 EXTERN STRING_VAR conflict_set_hyphen “-_~” hyphen conflict set
ccmain/reject.cpp:192 EXTERN STRING_VAR dubious_chars_left_of_reject “!’+`()-./\\<>;:^_,~\”“ Unreliable chars
ccmain/reject.cpp:196 STRING_VAR dubious_chars_right_of_reject “!’+`()-./\\<>;:^_,~\”“ Unreliable chars
ccmain/reject.cpp:200 INT_VAR min_sane_x_ht_pixels 8 Reject any x-ht lt or eq than this
ccmain/tessvars.cpp:25 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_adapt_kludge 0 Use acceptable result or dangambigs
ccmain/tessvars.cpp:27 EXTERN BOOL_VAR interactive_mode FALSE Run interactively?
ccmain/tessvars.cpp:28 EXTERN BOOL_VAR edit_variables FALSE Variables Editor Window?
ccmain/tessvars.cpp:29 // xiaofan EXTERN STRING_VAR file_type “.bl” Filename extension
ccmain/tessvars.cpp:30 EXTERN STRING_VAR file_type “.tif” Filename extension
ccmain/tessvars.cpp:31 INT_VAR testedit_match_debug 0 Integer match debug ctrl
ccmain/tessvars.cpp:32 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_dangambigs_chop FALSE Use UnicharAmbigs to direct chop
ccmain/tessvars.cpp:34 EXTERN INT_VAR tessedit_dangambigs_assoc FALSE Use UnicharAmbigs to direct assoc
ccmain/tfacepp.cpp:38 EXTERN BOOL_VAR tessedit_override_permuter TRUE According to dict_word
ccmain/werdit.cpp:25 //EXTERN BOOL_VAR wordit_linearc FALSE Pass poly of linearc to Tess

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