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Windows build of recent tesseract code (revision 454)   

posledná zmena: 24. August 2010

Several times in past I tried to compile the tesseract on windows. Sometimes compilation was stopped because of error, but usually I got result (tesseract.exe) but it did not work properly (e.g. ‘tesseract.exe phototest.tif phototest’ it did not produce output).

New leptonica library comes with the package of static and dynamic versions of the leptonica library including static library versions of zlib, libpng, libjpeg, libtiff, and giflib. There are good vs2008 Developer Notes for this package.

With this version of leptonica I was able to compile tesseract-ocr on Windows (XP SP3) without a problem. First tests reveal it works properly. So I created unofficial package of windows build of tesseract-ocr revision 454.

It contains only English language data. Other languages (traineddata files) can be downloaded from svn repository. You are welcome to test it.

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